What Makes a Persona?

Advertising is rapidly moving towards a cookieless and IDless space. Therefore, understanding and connecting with the right audience has become more challenging, especially as these traditional data-driven methods change. At Ogury, our Personified Advertising uses the unique approach of creating and targeting personas instead of relying on individuals. 

What is a Persona?

Ogury’s personas are not just random profiles. They are meticulously crafted based on robust data gathered from our exclusive customer surveys and billions of data points and refined using advanced AI techniques. Focused on groups of people with specific online behaviors and attributes rather than individual users, Ogury ensures precision and performance while fully respecting user privacy. 

Based on our unique data set, we give exclusive information about various audiences - our Persona Insights, available across 33 markets, provide a deeper understanding of a specific Persona in detail, including:

  • Demographic
  • Key interests
  • Audience Markers: keywords representing a Persona's top interests within a client's focus area.
  • Device Split
  • Active Mobile Time
  • Geographical Info 

With 200 personas available to activate and over 1.3M persona combinations, we can create high-performing campaigns that produce valuable insights.

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The Role of Data

The data that powers these personas is exclusively collected through non-intrusive methods, such as:

  1. Exclusive surveys provide valuable self-reported consumer data that informs our targeting. These surveys are always on and run at scale, with questions tailored to a specific persona. 
  2. Contextual and semantic data - our technology uses natural language processing in over ten languages to analyze the content personas consume, identify trends and map them to their interests, providing deep insight into the content consumers engage with on a page.
  3. Bid request data provides insight into geos, devices, demographics, time and day, understanding persona backgrounds and behaviors and, ultimately, the best place and time to serve an ad.
  4. We also apply open-source public data, such as population data. But we don’t stop there. We are constantly exploring new data sources to enhance our model, ensuring it never remains stagnant and is always on the cutting edge of the industry.
  5. We collect campaign data from thousands of campaigns each year. This “feedback loop” collects persona-based data throughout campaigns, which feeds back into our data model and enriches our data set, making our campaigns work even smarter and harder for our clients.

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Ogury’s personas can inform you about your audience's most significant interests and sub-interests, show you the apps and sites they visit most on those topics, and allow advertisers to see when your persona is most likely to be online. Our personas create a dynamic and detailed blueprint of consumer behavior. With a plethora of unique personas based on a wealth of self-reported, contextual, and behavioral data, Ogury can deliver high-performing campaigns that are finely tuned to the nuances of each audience segment. Personas prove that it’s possible to understand and engage with audiences in a privacy-conscious manner.