Raising the Bar: Ogury’s 2024 Standards Excellence Award

In fostering a culture of excellence and collaboration, Ogury is thrilled to announce our 4th annual Standards Excellence Award. This accolade is designed to recognize the outstanding contributions of an  employee that raises the bar in embodying and championing our core standards.These standards guide our daily decisions and actions and define how we work together as a team. 

Our Standards 

At Ogury, our Standards guide our daily decisions and actions, enabling us to lead by example, embrace challenges, innovate beyond trends, and support each other toward collective and individual growth.


Recognizing our 2024 Winners: Isabel Arancibia & Adam Rubach

This year, we are exceptionally proud to recognize Isabel Aranciba, Senior Ad Quality Manager and Adam Rubach, VP, Sales Excellence, who have stood out among their peers as a true embodiment of our Standards. 

Nominated by their colleagues, Isabel and Adam’s selection as this year’s awardee is a testament to the respect and admiration they have earned across the organization. With 131 nominations for 72 outstanding employees, the selection process reflected our incredible talent. Given the number of nominations we received this year, we decided to award two winners. Isabel and Adam’s exceptional contributions across our standards made them a standout choice for this award. 

Isabel has been referred to as “THE technical support reference in the London office.” She consistently proves herself to be a steadfast pillar of support whenever challenges arise, and actively pushes boundaries and takes initiative, ensuring that she not only resolves issues but also catalyzes positive change.

Adam has been with Ogury since the very start and his engagement towards the company is a model to follow. His colleagues say “He has always fulfilled his roles at Ogury, supported every department the best way he could, and is amazing with navigating internal stakeholder management.”

In recognition of their outstanding contributions, Isabel and Adam will receive vouchers for a remarkable travel experience. Additionally, to reflect our spirit of giving back, a donation will be made to a charity of their choosing. And, of course, they will be awarded a Standards Excellence Award trophy, symbolizing their exceptional commitment to our Standards. 

Congratulations to Isabel and Adam, and here’s to continued excellence and to the many achievements that lie ahead for our team!