Pride 2023 at Ogury

At Ogury we are firmly committed to promoting a safe working environment categorized by mutual respect and inclusivity. Ogury’s commitment to diversity and equality is not limited to the Pride Month celebrations, it is an ongoing commitment that is celebrated all year round. This month we have a number of initiatives planned to celebrate the power of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

 #snaptheflag initiative

We want all of our team members to share how they celebrate Pride in our different offices, or while working from home. This initiative invites all employees to take a selfie or group photo with the Pride flag and share it across our channels. While doing so we will be collecting donations for the non-profit it gets better association.

Ensuring an inclusive workplace for LGBTQIA+ people

This workshop, presented by inclusivity trainer Léonie Broquedis-Gouix, aims to help people understand and properly define the numerous identities behind LGBTQIA+. The workshop also gives insights into the day-to-day and real-life experiences of our LGBTQIA+ colleagues.

Local events

This year, our goal is to make our different offices more aware of what Pride Month represents while bringing our teams closer together to celebrate how diversity makes us stronger. We have delegated 9 Ogurians to be our Pride ambassadors (champions) who will be in charge of organizing local activities. 

We have already planned numerous fun events including, trivia quizzes, painting, cupcake decorating events and ping pong competitions. All these activities will also contribute to raising funds for our chosen foundation.

Beyond June

At Ogury, we understand that it takes a collective effort to fight for a more inclusive world. We are proud to have such a supportive and international community of Ogurians and we can’t wait to celebrate Pride together this month.

We are working hard to continue to build a unique and winning culture that embraces and champions our differences and our Pride campaign is one of the many ways we are doing that. Keep an eye on our social channels and keep up to date with our Pride initiatives over the next month.