Personalized vs Personified: How Ogury’s Approach is Shaping the Future of AdTech

We’re in a new era of privacy – are you prepared? Delivering relevant and engaging ads is paramount to the industry, and traditional personalized advertising has been a staple for years, leveraging user data to tailor ads to individual preferences and behaviors. However, as we enter a cookieless and IDless world, the advertising industry needs to pivot, prompting the emergence of a new paradigm: Personified Advertising. Ogury, a pioneer in this space, illustrates how personified advertising is not just an alternative in a cookieless and IDless world but the future of adtech. 

Personalized Advertising: Tailored but Intrusive

Personalized advertising has been the gold standard for delivering relevant content to consumers. By collecting data on users’ online activities, interests and behaviors, advertisers can create highly targeted campaigns. While effective in driving engagement and conversions, this approach has raised significant privacy concerns. The reliance on personal data and tracking across the web has led to a backlash among consumers and regulators alike, culminating in stricter data protection laws and a push for more transparent practices. In Gartner’s 2021 Personalization Survey, more than half (55%) of respondents said they’ll stop doing business when a brand communicates in a way they find invasive, and 40% said they would stop doing business when they perceive a brand’s communication as irrelevant.

The New Era of Privacy-First Advertising

Enter Personified Advertising, Ogury’s revolutionary approach. This model eschews the traditional reliance on personal data, focusing on the context and content that resonates with user personas – not individual people. Ogury’s technology doesn’t track individual users but creates detailed persona profiles based on aggregated and anonymized data. These personas are then used to deliver ads relevant to the interests and preferences of groups, ensuring privacy while maintaining ad relevance and effectiveness. 

What is Personified Advertising? 

Ogury’s personified advertising starts with our exclusive data, which we use to target personas – collections of people anonymized and grouped based on specific online behaviors and attributes at a placement level, not a personal level. Our data model collects data at the placement level from many sources, including:

  • Our exclusive surveys provide us with valuable self-reported zero-party consumer data that informs our targeting. They are always on and run at scale, with questions tailored to a specific persona.
  • Contextual and semantic data: Our technology uses natural language processing in over ten languages to analyze the content personas consume, identify trends and map them to their interests, providing deep insight into the content consumers engage with on a publisher.
  • Bid request data provides insight into information such as geographics, device, demographics, time of day and day of the week. It gives us an understanding of backgrounds and behaviors and, ultimately, the best place and time to serve an ad.
  • We also apply open source, public data, such as population data. We are always exploring new data sources to further enhance our model, keeping it on the cutting edge of the industry.
  • Campaign data from thousands of campaigns each year. We call this the “feedback loop,” where we collect persona-based data throughout our campaigns. This data feeds back into our data model and enriches our data set, making our campaigns work even smarter and harder for our clients.

These sources give us a robust data set of 1.5BN data points per year and counting. This placement level data is segmented into our personas powered by AI. Over 1.3M personas are available to activate depending on a client’s target audience and goals. Our team selects the most relevant persona based on the target audience and goals, ensuring ads run where the relevant audience is most likely to engage. Combined with our creative, premium publisher inventory and real-time optimization, this allows for precise targeting, scale, and universal use across browsers without the use of personal identifiers. 

5 Reasons Personified Advertising is the Future 

  • Privacy-focused: Ogury’s approach aligns with the growing demand for data protection. By not relying on personal data, personified advertising sidesteps the privacy pitfalls that plague traditional models. 
  • User-Friendly: Ads delivered via personified advertising are relevant and engaging without being intrusive. This enhances the user experience, building a positive perception of both the ads and the publisher platforms they appear on. 
  • Regulation-Compliant: With global regulations like GDPR and CCPA setting the tone, personified advertising offers a compliant way to reach audiences effectively, reducing the risk of hefty fines and reputational damage. 
  • Innovative Targeting: Ogury’s technology allows for sophisticated targeting based on personas, ensuring that ads reach the right audience segments without infringing on individual privacy. 
  • Future-Proof: As the digital landscape evolves, personified advertising offers a sustainable and adaptable framework that thrives in a world where privacy is paramount. 

As Christina Fanelli, VP of Product Marketing, shares,“Ogury’s approach to Personified Advertising doesn’t just adapt to new privacy regulations – it anticipates them. By leveraging persona-based insights rather than individual tracking, we ensure our advertising remains impactful without compromising user privacy.” Ogury’s privacy pioneering approach positions personified advertising as a forward-thinking solution that respects user privacy while delivering impactful and relevant advertisements. Personified advertising is a strategic move for brands and agencies aiming to succeed in a privacy-first era. Ogury offers a roadmap for evolution in the industry, ensuring that advertising continues to thrive while safeguarding the privacy and trust of consumers.