Ogury’s Path to Green: Our Commitment towards Environmental Responsibility

At Ogury, we’re doing our part to help protect the planet. As a leading figure in the adtech industry, Ogury realizes the critical importance of integrating sustainable practices into our operations and product offerings. Our comprehensive sustainability strategy focuses on reducing our environmental impact and promoting social responsibility. By prioritizing transparency, ethical data usage, and innovation, Ogury aims to adhere to global sustainability standards and set new benchmarks for responsible business practices in adtech. 

Ogury’s ESG Strategy

Our approach to sustainability is not a standalone project – it’s part of our broader ESG strategy. ESG, which stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance, is a set of standards used to measure a company’s impact on these areas. Our ESG strategy encompasses several initiatives:

  • Sustainable growth: We’ve committed to being a sustainable and innovative partner that respects our users’ data privacy, innovates sustainably and exceeds our clients’ expectations. 
  • Reducing our impact: We strive to manage our activities in a safe, environmentally respectful and ethical way, including minimizing our carbon footprint. 
  • People-Focused: We promote a diverse and inclusive workplace and support community engagement through employee initiatives. 


Our Approach to Sustainability 

Due to the nature of our business, which can be energy-intensive, we are primarily focused on minimizing our carbon footprint. We have divided our strategy into four key pillars, all of which contribute to our reduction journey:

  • Measuring our Footprint: Ogury conducts carbon assessments in partnership with Greenly, one of the leading carbon accounting platforms on the market, to support our Climate Pledge Commitment of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2040. We have been conducting carbon assessments since 2021 and our footprint has remained stable, despite our significant business growth.
  • Involving our Ecosystem: This consists of engaging our service providers as well as our employees in our sustainability efforts, ensuring that each component of our operations contributes to our overarching environmental goals. One piece of this is our Sustainable Future Program, which aims to empower every employee by providing them with the knowledge on sustainability that will help them to actively participate in this journey. We also provide ongoing employee education through internal campaigns and initiatives.
  • Giving Back: Initiatives like our Community Day, which enables all employees a day off to volunteer at any time, and our Givsly campaigns, which offer clients an opportunity to see a donation made by Ogury on their behalf, encourage corporate social responsibility by supporting local charities and environmental projects.

Optimizing our Digital Activities 

Optimizing ad campaign emissions is a crucial part of our strategy, as our digital activities are a significant source of our emissions. Our strategy focuses on reducing energy server consumption to minimize our environmental footprint. Here’s how we approach this:

  • Personified Advertising: Our approach to targeting personas enhances brand performance and protects user privacy, and also leads to a reduced carbon footprint. By eliminating the processing and storage of IDs, we significantly reduce server energy usage.
  • Ad Request Throttling: Every day, we receive billions of ad requests, many of which are unfulfilled, leading to wasted server energy. We use a throttling algorithm that filters requests, allowing only those with the highest likelihood of response to be processed. This optimization ensures our servers are primarily engaged in high ROI activities. 

  • Inventory Management: To address the inefficiencies caused by “clickbait” websites, our Supply team conducts intensive inventory reviews to discard low-quality sites. This process ensures that server energy is expended only on websites that yield measurable ROI, reducing wasteful energy consumption.
  • Targeting Optimization: We continuously refine our targeting methods to ensure ads reach the most appropriate audiences, thereby ensuring the efficiency of our campaigns. Improvements in Cost Per Click (CPC) and Cost Per Engagement (CPE) have demonstrated the effectiveness of our strategies in reducing unnecessary ad impressions – as we increasingly target the right audience, we are using our servers as effectively as possible.

    Ogury’s comprehensive and dynamic approach to sustainability showcases a proactive approach in the industry. By integrating sustainability across our business model – from operations to employee engagement and community involvement – we’re working to contribute to global sustainability efforts. This holistic approach demonstrates that effective and innovative environmental stewardship can go hand in hand with business success and technological advancement.