Ogury’s Bold New Brand: Reinforcing Our Commitment to Helping Brands Thrive in a Post-Cookie World

You may have noticed that Ogury has a brand-new look. More than just a look, it is a refreshed brand identity deeply intertwined with our core value of being a trusted leader and trailblazer in advertising solutions. As we enter 2024, our strategic roadmap continues our focus on consumer privacy fueled by exclusive data. By leveraging our evolved brand, we’re not starting a new phase; we’re continuing our journey to redefine industry standards, elevate the value we deliver to clients and reaffirm our commitment to privacy. We have a solid data foundation to build upon, enabling us to continue to release future-proofed solutions that help brands thrive in a new era of privacy. We’re excited to embrace this new chapter of our company and brand.

Fueled by Data. Grounded in Privacy. 

Our company tagline is “Fueled by Data. Grounded in Privacy.” because our solution is exactly that. We help advertisers leverage our exclusive data to reach consumers in the new era of privacy. Deprecation of the third-party cookie is here, with Google starting their rollout of Tracking Protection, a new feature that limits cross-site tracking by restricting website access to third-party cookies by default starting today.The end goal: full phase-out of third-party cookies in the second half of this year. There is no better time for Ogury’s brand to be more closely aligned with the privacy-first product strategy that has led Ogury for many years.

But navigating the complex world of adtech can take time and effort, especially in this new era of privacy. How do advertisers identify which partners are truly able to help them achieve the precision, scale and performance they’ve come to expect? How do agencies, brands and publishers balance growing privacy concerns and ever-stringent government regulations while reaching their audiences and objectives? Brands must accept these preferences as the new norm and understand this complex, nuanced landscape and the solutions at their disposal. Ogury is here to bridge any gaps within brands’ digital advertising strategies with our future-proofed solutions rooted in exclusive data and tailored to meet specific advertisers needs.

Our technology, underpinned by a long-standing commitment to privacy, has always been designed to respect and protect consumer data. By offering robust, privacy-conscious solutions, we meet the current industry standards and continue to set new ones. We empower our clients with the insights and tools necessary to make informed, effective decisions – delivering solutions that are the best fit, ethically sound and forward-thinking. And now our brand reflects just that. 

An Updated Brand System 

One of the most noticeable changes is our refreshed brand visuals. Our updated logo, color palette and visual elements are as multifaceted as our solutions and services: playful yet serious, edgy yet approachable. They reflect our role as privacy pioneers and our commitment to constant reinvention. Our iconic red remains a part of our color palette, serving as a testament to our enduring legacy and journey. We have also developed impactful and ownable product imagery to represent each facet of our offering. This imagery is not just aesthetically pleasing but visually communicates the essence and capabilities of our solutions, making them easily accessible. 

Our brand vocals emphasize clarity and precision, ensuring our message is direct and unambiguous. This communication strategy focuses on our mission: Delivering industry-leading advertising solutions to brands, agencies, and publishers fueled by exclusive, high-performing data and grounded in privacy. “Our brand visuals and vocals unite to create a brand system, each element working together in harmony to tell a clear narrative,” states Lauren Burke, Senior Director of Marketing. 

Our website has also undergone a significant transformation, boasting rich content, a simple-to-navigate interface and telling our story through our three brand pillars: 

Data Reinvented

Data is the foundation of everything we do. Our exclusive data, meticulously collected and crafted from millions of self-declared customer surveys, enriched with billions of impactful data points and refined by AI, is leveraged to target personas at scale.

Unlike other adtech companies who rely solely on contextual and semantic targeting, which results in limited reach, Ogury fuses those traditional methods with our persona-based targeting, guaranteeing advertisers unparalleled precision and performance.

Our unique approach to data is called Personified Advertising, which targets personas, not people. These personas are qualified, curated profiles of consumers segmented together based on specific online behaviors –  we qualify impressions at the placement level versus on a personal level. Therefore, advertisers working with Ogury can reach relevant audiences without the use of personal information, which is critical in privacy’s new era.

Our surveys are central to our data model and enable our persona-based approach. Run at scale across 1000s of publisher placements, they allow us to capture unbiased, un-incentivized, zero-party data –  data collected directly from consumers that users intentionally and proactively share with us. Based on consumer responses, our tech can understand a placement’s relevancy for a particular persona. Our approach provides unparalleled insights into your campaigns not available through any other adtech platform.

Tailored Solutions & Services

Advertisers and brands working with Ogury can reach relevant audiences without the use of personal information and benefit from access to quality publisher inventory. For brands, our solutions are tailored to their specific needs and consist of attention-grabbing creative formats, limitless creative features and brand-safe supply partners. Our highly visible, highly engaging ad formats, with rich media functionality, drive maximum engagement without disrupting the user experience. 

Publishers benefit from premium advertisers, user-friendly experiences and superior, broad inventory activated via Managed Service or Programmatic.Thanks to our unique model, each campaign is set up for success before it even launches, as we know exactly where to serve each impression to generate the strongest response. With a global team to support every campaign and a global reach of 1.2 billion active digital consumers per month, our solutions line our partners up for success.

Humanizing Adtech

As a global organization that operates across 25 offices in 18 countries, we take a people-first approach to our client partnerships and company culture. We have an unwavering commitment to sustainability which is demonstrated by our multifaceted strategy. From its base, our technology is more sustainable – we don’t store personally identifiable data in the form of cookies or IDs, leading to less energy consumption by our servers. We’ve signed the Climate Pledge, committing to reach net zero emissions by 2040 and measure our carbon footprint yearly. We apply this mindset across each avenue of the business, down to our new employee onboarding kits which are sourced sustainably.

Our company culture celebrates authenticity and inclusion, and we put this into action through Employee Resource Groups, company volunteer days, fundraising campaigns, and regular donations to charities. Our values serve as the compass that guides our actions, and we hold each other accountable to them every day.

The Future 

Upon joining the company in February 2023, Ogury’s CMO, Emily Barfuss, saw a rebrand as not a change in Ogury’s identity but rather a process of defining and articulating what Ogury already was as a company. “Every aspect of our brand evolution has been carefully crafted to demonstrate that data is our foundation and privacy is our umbrella. This rebrand is not simply a cosmetic change; it brings our unique value propositions, such as our access to exclusive data and Personified Advertising, to the forefront during a critical time for our industry,” said Emily.

Explore our new website, watch our latest brand video and get acquainted with a rebranded Ogury as we continue our commitment to partners: to deliver industry-leading advertising solutions to brands, agencies, and publishers, fueled by exclusive, high-performing data and grounded in privacy.