Ogury’s Active Insights Platform: Unparalleled Insights for Privacy’s New Era

2024 marks a new era of privacy as Google (finally) deprecates third-party cookies. It’s time for advertisers to adapt their targeting methods and future-proof their strategies accordingly. 

To reach audiences, brands need to understand them thoroughly, and now, relying solely on personal identifiers is no longer feasible. Understanding audiences is no longer just an advantage for brands; it’s a necessity. 

Ogury’s innovative approach to understanding and reaching audiences has always set us apart. Our Personified Advertising approach, powered by AI and fueled by our exclusive and robust data, enables us to target personas, not people. Personas are anonymized and grouped based on specific online behaviors and attributes at a placement level. With this comes an unparalleled understanding of brands’ audiences, including their interests, behaviors and activities. 

Now, via our newly revamped Active Insights platform, brands can view our persona-based insights in an easy-to-understand and engaging format. This reimagined platform enhances how brands and agency partners can harness data for precision targeting and gain more profound, more impactful insights to continually amplify performance on future campaigns. 

At Ogury, we have always focused on delivering valuable, privacy-centric data and insights long before the industry’s shift towards a cookieless future. Our refreshed Active Insights platform is our latest testament to this.

Active Insights: Your Gateway to Understanding Audiences 

The Active Insights platform is where our data prowess becomes your strategic advantage. Housing an extensive library of premade personas, your brand can find the exact audience it needs to reach and achieve your goals. With billions of data points at our disposal, coming from more than 6 data sources (surveys, semantic, bid requests, contextual, campaign performance, and more), our tech creates rich data profiles of consumers – or personas –  that enable our targeting and translate into deep audience insights for our clients. Our personas can be combined based on brands’ specific needs, giving us more than 1.3 million unique audiences to activate.

What Active Insights Provides:

  • Privacy-First Approach: We prioritize consumer privacy, ensuring data is collected and used responsibly – we meet the current industry compliance standards and continue to set new ones. Our insights are mapped to the publisher placements we gather them on, not individual users. 

  • Richer Data Profiles: With our enhanced data collection, each persona offers a deeper understanding of consumer behaviors and preferences. 

  • Activation Across All Environments:These audiences can be reached in any environment, including iOS, where most traditional targeting solutions are now operating blindly given Safari’s deprecation of cookies in 2020. Most users are opting out of being tracked and sharing their data, making it a challenge to provide precise targeting, a challenge that does not apply to Ogury and our customers.

  • Exclusive Survey Insights: Our unique surveys, representing 1.5 billion data points and featuring self-declared consumer data, provide unbiased audience information you won’t find anywhere else. This zero-party data – data collected directly from consumers that users intentionally and proactively share with us – provides valuable information that can be used to develop your audience targeting strategy. Our tool showcases the tailored survey questions we use to build our rich personas. 

  •  Comprehensive Audience Segmentation: Our platform showcases our ability to precisely target across all verticals, from CPG to luxury segments to auto and everything in between.
  • Proven Expertise: With a legacy of exclusive data, we’re not adapting to change – we’ve always been ahead of it, ensuring our partners are always one step ahead. 

An example of a persona from the Active Insights platform

Driving Client Engagement 

Our Active Insights platform helps our clients drive deeper connections with their audiences and understand them more deeply. Our goal is to help brands thrive in the new era of privacy. Our Active Insights platform provides valuable insights that allow them to do just that. To learn more about how Active Insights can transform your audience strategy in a post-cookie world, contact our sales team for a demo.