Ogury Strikes Gold at La Nuit des Rois

Ogury is delighted to announce that we have been awarded the Gold in Digital Advertising at La Nuit des Rois. This award recognizes innovative and impactful campaigns that leverage digital advertising to connect with audiences, drive engagement, and achieve marketing objectives.

The ceremony for the 11th edition of the awards will take place on May 29th in Paris, with this year’s esteemed jury comprising 50 C-suite executives and decision-makers from renowned organizations such as Nespresso, L’Oréal, The Walt Disney Company, Figaro Media, The Trade Desk, and LVMH. 

In our winning campaign, Groupama was looking to stand out in the fiercely competitive insurance industry, and deliver tailored messages to its diverse prospects based on their specific needs across various insurance products. With a recommendation from Groupama’s agency iProspect (Dentsu Group), Ogury ran a red thread campaign to refine Groupama’s targeting, engage new audiences, and ultimately achieve results above the industry average - all without collecting consumers’ personal data.

See the complete list of winners.

Thank you to La Nuit des Rois for this esteemed recognition. This wouldn’t have been possible without Groupama’s and iProspect’s continued trust, and we look forward to future successful campaigns together. 

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