Ogury is honored at Grand Prix de la Data

We are delighted to reveal that Ogury was honored at the Grand Prix de la Data in the “Technology of the Year” category. This award recognizes the companies and tech experts making innovative uses of data throughout the communication value exchange. It highlights the most relevant customer experience / relationship systems and communication campaigns where data reinforces creativity and efficiency.

The event took place on March 9th and was attended by agencies, brands, and data players from all corners of the advertising industry.

Olivier Martin, Sales Managing Director France, speaking at Grand Prix de la Data

Our personified advertising solution is built on four pillars of proprietary and best-in-class data that provides an understanding of audiences no one else on the market has. We are completely cookieless and ID-less—respecting users’ privacy is one of our founding principles.

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A special thank you to INfluencia and Prache Media Event for organizing this event and to all the Ogurians whose continuous hard work has made this success possible.

See the full list of winners here