Nib gets over the competitive insurance market with Personified Advertising

Thanks to exceptional results achieved, all eyes are on Ogury right now as the volume of quotes generated was higher than any other tech players, walled gardens included.

Abigail Charlesworth
Digital Director at EssenceMediacom

Nib provides health and medical insurance to over one million Australians, as well as international expats working and travelling overseas. Nib and EssenceMediacom chose Ogury, the Personified Advertising company, to help drive quality audiences to nib website.


The health insurance market is highly competitive in Australia, with providers offering very similar services and governative regulations making difficult to stand out. Nib and EssenceMediacom agency was searching for an adtech partner with comprehensive audience interest knowledge that could help reach different audiences in a safe environment (non-health insurance and insurance switchers between 18-44 yo) and drive quality leads to the website.


Ogury used its Personified Advertising technology and comprehensive audience data to identify individuals interested in health insurance. The pre-campaign persona studies uncovered two key audiences that Ogury’s fully on-screen and multi-format display creatives engaged with. As a second phase, Ogury drove qualified leads to nib website and leveraged Ogury Pixel to help the optimization of the post-click performance.


The campaign outperformed industry benchmarks, achieving 7.01% CTR, 90.99% viewability and 32% brand recall, doubling the benchmark of 16%. Thanks to Oguy Pixel, nib achieved outstanding post-click KPIs, the best among all the players involved in the campaign. The post-campaign persona revealed the demographics and interests of nib’s most engaged audience. These insights are a valuable resource for nib’s future targeting strategies. 

Download the case study here