Kia drives awareness with Ogury Personified Advertising Engine

Ogury helped us to achieve a full funnel marketing approach for Kia’s EV6 based on qualitative data. We were able to successfully maximize the performance on awareness, consideration and purchase.

Jeroen Krikke
Head of programmatic, Havas Media Amsterdam

Kia is a global automotive manufacturer, which sells around three million vehicles per year. Today, Kia is driving the adoption of electric vehicles. In collaboration with agency Havas Media, Kia wanted to gain a deeper understanding of the characteristics and behaviors of the electric vehicles market audience. They chose to leverage Ogury Personified Advertising Engine to uncover these insights and engage their target audience with innovative fully on-screen ads.


The Netherlands is one of the leading electric vehicle markets, both in Europe and globally. For the launch of its new EV6 model in this highly-competitive region, Kia and Havas Media sought a mobile-first AdTech partner with comprehensive audience interest knowledge to drive awareness and consideration of the EV6 electric vehicle among consumers. 


Ogury Personified Advertising Engine enabled Kia and Havas Media to understand their key audience beyond Kia’s own digital ecosystem. They were able to assess the audiences’ interest in electric vehicles and engage them with the right creative in a data-safe environment. 

The campaign was divided into three phases: promote awareness, attract engagement and gain traffic. 

Kia used Ogury’s custom audience qualification survey to ask bespoke questions to determine their affinity to Kia and their interest in buying an electric vehicle in the next three months. The results fed pre-campaign insights and campaign targeting. 

Using Ogury’s proprietary Brand Exclusive Video Chooser, consumers within the qualified audience were given a choice of three Kia EV6 ads to watch. This self-targeting experience helped to boost memorability and enabled Kia to understand which ad had the most traction among its target audience through engagement, ad recall and completion rate. 


The campaign achieved exceptional results with 98.48% viewability (IAS standard), exceeding the market average of 90%, an average VTR of 95.3%, an average click-through rate of 5.8% and an engagement rate of 8.5%, surpassing the market average of 5-6%. 

Ogury’s technology drove considerable awareness of Kia and its EV6 model among the target audience.The post-campaign persona revealed that the Kia EV6’s most engaged audience were men aged 25 to 44, with a strong affinity for electric and hybrid cars, online travel agencies, news aggregators, travel and vacation homes. These insights are a valuable resource for Kia’s future targeting strategies.

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