How Nissan United used Personified Advertising to drive awareness for its new e-POWER technology

For the launch of our innovative and exclusive technology, Nissan e-POWER, we wanted to generate awareness and engage our key audience with the right formats. Ogury was the perfect partner to work with, thanks to its breakthrough Personified Advertising Engine. With its non-intrusive approach to gathering market intelligence based on qualitative – not personal – data, we were able to reach users at scale – ensuring the awareness, consideration and memorability of our messaging. And I have no doubt the insights we collected about how our new e-POWER technology was perceived on the Spanish market will help us successfully set our future strategies and campaigns.

Natàlia Oliva Vila
Digital Campaigns & Data Analyst at Nissan

Beyond being one of the world’s largest car manufacturers, Nissan United has been distinguishing itself as the biggest electric vehicle producer since 2018. To prepare for the launch of its new exclusive e-POWER technology, the automotive giant needed a reliable partner that could deliver innovative and dynamic advertising to educate audiences and drive brand recall.

The brand chose Ogury, the global leader in personified advertising, to reach its target audience with engaging formats, and get insights into how its new technology was perceived on the Spanish market.


As it continues to expand in the electric world, Nissan United has developed a landmark e-POWER technology that utilizes a petrol engine to charge a battery that therein powers an electric motor, all while recharging on the go. This approach significantly reduces emissions and operating costs – eliminating the need for frequent recharge stops. For its first campaign for the X-Trail range in Spain, Nissan United wanted to leverage effective ad formats to raise awareness about its new technology and make a clear distinction between the classic hybrid model and its innovative, new e-POWER product.


To do so, Ogury leveraged its Personified Advertising technology, which is based on personas and the destinations where they consume content, instead of targeting individuals. This unprecedented technology enabled Nissan United to accurately identify the interests and behavior of its key audience without collecting any personal data. Ogury combined these audience qualification capabilities with proprietary fully on-screen video formats, with 100% of pixels in view for the entire ad duration, to engage users and generate the highest level of attention and brand recall.

As the go-to partner for global brands and publishers, Ogury has developed proprietary ad formats that give users back control over their ad experience. To best communicate about Nissan United’s e-POWER technology, Ogury leveraged two of these formats: Thumbnail Ad and Header Ad. Appearing in a precise location within the app or web page, Thumbnail Ad is an innovative format that can be moved around the screen, expanded or skipped – delivering non-intrusive advertising without compromising the user experience. As for Header Ad, it blends seamlessly into page headers, resizing once users start to interact with the content and enabling Nissan United to engage them without disrupting their content consumption. With these features, Ogury achieved the crucial requirement of holding user attention and leaving a memorable impact. Ogury’s post campaign Custom Surveys offered Nissan United an in-depth perspective on how its technology was perceived on the market – deepening audience familiarity, determining the message association, and uncovering brand recognition. By relying on Ogury’s data, Nissan United was able to understand how its brand was perceived within the electric vehicle market and increased awareness for its new X-Trail vehicle by clearly defining its ideal consumer through a post-campaign analysis.


Ogury’s future-proof technology made this partnership a success, and the campaign’s Custom Surveys revealed valuable insights into brand memorability and customer understanding of its unique technology. They showed the best performing audience to be men, aged 45 to 54, with a higher affinity for apps and websites related to hiking and camping, insurance, pre-owned cars, energy and motorcycles.

Thanks to Ogury’s Personified Advertising Engine, Nissan United was able to reach this target audience in a secure, fraud-free environment with less than 0.5% invalid traffic. The campaign achieved a viewability of 90.88% and a 73.3% VCR – well above market benchmarks.* *Source: Benchmark Oracle MOAT – Q3 2022