How Kaimera partnered with Ogury to deliver a more respectful and sustainable advertising experience

Kaimera is an independent, full-service media agency built on a foundation of trust and transparency. They are committed to making media simple for their clients, which means crafting effective and straightforward solutions that drive business results. Their role as a full service, independent media agency is to untangle media complexity. They are uniquely positioned to offer objective advertising and marketing solutions based wholly on what’s right for individual businesses.

Client testimonial


“Kaimera has been collaborating with Ogury since the second half of 2021. From the very beginning, we were attracted by Ogury’s unique approach to a kind of mobile advertising that is respectful of consumers’ privacy and their advertising experience as it really does align with our 6 core media principles.

Ogury is at the leading edge of mobile advertising solutions, particularly through new performance standards like the Fully On-Screen Rate for 50% Duration (subsequently delivering exceptional attention results), and achieves outstanding results thanks to innovative, immersive and non-intrusive advertising formats. To me, this approach is in favour of a more respectful and sustainable advertising experience at a time when consumers are over-solicited on their mobile and increasingly concerned about sharing their personal data.

All of the above makes Ogury a preferred partner for digital advertising campaigns and allows us to give consumers a relevant and engaging ad. Throughout the last 10 months, Ogury has supported us in running effective campaigns for leading brands such as Under Armour, MasterCard and Scape. From their team to their Personified Advertising solution and through every single aspect of our collaboration, Ogury goes above and beyond to deliver flawless campaigns and make the advertising experience as smooth as possible for everyone involved, from stakeholders to consumers.”


Trent McMillan
Founder & Chief Digital Officer, Kaimera