Ford campaign with Ogury wins digital advertising award

We’re pleased to announce that Ogury’s campaign with Ford has won the Digital Advertising – Video award at La Nuit des Rois. This is the fourth award that this campaign has won so far this year. La Nuit des Rois 2022 is an award ceremony that rewards the best digital marketing campaigns based on two main criteria: performance and innovation.

The award was announced during ‘The Revelation’ event on April 21st where all the finalists and the jury members gathered to discuss the major trends in digital marketing. 

Finalists and jury members discuss the latest digital marketing trends

Ford, along with its media agency Mindshare and creative agency GTB, partnered with Ogury on a campaign to drive awareness of its Ford Kuga hybrid model among those interested in electric and hybrid vehicles. 

The campaign was delivered using Ogury’s fully on-screen, impactful video ads and Site Scroller – a full-screen ad unit that engages the audience with an interactive microsite, driving brand awareness and memorability. It achieved outstanding results including 68% Fully On-Screen Rate for 50% duration.1 With an average VCR of 80%2 and a viewability rate of 92%, the campaign far surpassed the market standards of 57.4% and 62.2%,3 respectively.

It also generated a lot of interest and interactions among the audience with an average engagement rate of 11% (and approximately 2.4 swipes per user). And, users spent an average of 8 seconds on the Site Scroller ad format.

A big thank you to Ford for their partnership, and to the Ogurians – who created and deployed the campaign – for their work on making this success possible.

See the full list of winners.

1 The Fully On-Screen Rate for 50% duration is the main metric used by Ogury to measure the performance of video campaigns. It is based on 100% of the ad surface being visible on screen for at least half of its duration.

2 The Fully On-Screen Rate at 50% Duration and VCR have been measured by a trusted third party, IAS.

3 Oracle MOAT Benchmarks Q2 2021