Celebrating a Year of Impactful Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Initiatives

 At Ogury, our dedication to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are commitments ingrained in our values. These initiatives are not just events on a calendar; they are pivotal opportunities to craft our workplace culture, where everyone feels safe to come as they are, can share their unique perspectives, and is excited about bringing their most authentic selves to work each day. Over the past year, Ogury led many impactful DE&I initiatives that increased philanthropy, served as a platform to support meaningful causes, and raised money for important charities. Let’s take a look at our important DE&I initiatives from 2023.

March – Women’s Month 

Organization supported: Women in Tech

March is not only Women’s History month, but also holds International Women’s Day (March 8th). Throughout the month, Ogurians focused on women’s empowerment through a variety of activities. Self-defense classes were not only an opportunity for physical training but helped build confidence. Gratitude boards were a tapestry of appreciation and shared stories, while our trivia night sparked conversation. To show support for the wider community, we collected feminine hygiene products for women’s shelters and held company meals at local women-owned businesses. 

In addition, Ogurians took part globally in the #dressinpurple challenge, and dozens of employees entered our in-house Women’s Month raffle, raising a total of $1,440 for Women in Tech, supporting their mission to bridge the gender gap in STEAM and empowering women to embrace technology.

May – Mental Well-being Awareness Month

Organization supported: Mental Health Foundation

May is Mental Health Awareness month and an opportunity for Ogurians to prioritize and focus on mental well-being. 

Activities like yoga classes and walks in the park promoted physical health and mental relaxation. Our panels on mental well-being opened up important dialogues on subjects like anxiety and confidence, supported by insights from our mental well-being tool, Plumm. The #dressingreen challenge, where team members took photos with something green, brought creativity and fun into fundraising. Our collective efforts resulted in a donation of $1,000 to the Mental Health Foundation, the UK’s leading charity for mental health. 

June – Pride Month

Organization supported: It Gets Better

June was a colorful celebration of LGBTQIA+ pride. The #Snaptheflag challenge had more than 100 members of our team creatively posing with pride flags, and held a virtual workshop centered around creating an inclusive workplace for LGBTQIA+ members.

Our painting contest and Pride Olympics were not just entertaining but also enlightening, while quizzes on LGBTQIA+ topics furthered our knowledge and understanding of community needs. These efforts culminated in a donation of $1,180 to It Gets Better.

November – Movember 

Organization supported: Movember

In November, we focused on men’s health and well-being through the Movember campaign, which raises awareness of men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men’s suicide. Team members grew mustaches or sported creative alternatives, fostering a sense of camaraderie and fun. The bake sale was a delicious way to raise funds, while the challenge to move 60 kilometers throughout the month encouraged physical activity and team bonding. Our collective efforts raised a donation of $3,000 to Movember, a 20% increase from our previous campaign.

Holiday Giving

Ogury is a long-time partner of Givsly and a sponsor of its Season without Swag initiative, which focuses on charitable giving versus physical gifts during the holiday season to reduce carbon emissions.

Through this initiative, Ogury made 203 donations to charity on behalf of our clients, totaling $5000 in support of three charities: Canine Companions for Independence, Covenant House and Pure Earth

Our Senior Director of Marketing, Lauren Burke, was nominated in the “Most Impactful Media Professional” category for Givsly’s Season without Swag awards, a testament to the Ogury team’s dedication to impactful charitable giving. 

Year-Round: Global Community Days 

As part of our ongoing DE&I efforts Ogurians are encouraged to dedicate one day per year to volunteer and give back to their local communities. This year, our teams worldwide embraced this initiative in a plethora of ways:

  • Americas: 
    • Held an Autumn coat drive, raising over $900 in cash donations. In Denver, our team collected over 40 coats, donating them to the Community Economic Defense Project, while in New York, our team gathered over 50 coats, which went to the Food Bank of NYC
    • We partnered with Dentsu for two food bank events: In Chicago at Nourishing Hope charity, where 9000 meals were provided to individuals and communities in need and $3000 in total donations were raised, and in Los Angeles, at Westside Food Bank, with 4000 meals provided and $1000 in total donations.
  • Benelux: Partnered with Stichting Jarige Job to provide customized birthday party supplies to children and families with limited budgets. 
  • Japan: Supported the creation of Kiwanis dolls, which are used in hospitals to mentally prepare children for surgery. 
  • Paris, Madrid, Cologne: Worked with local food banks, contributing their time to help sort through supplies and prep food.
  • Australia: Collaborated with Threads Together, sorting and packing clothes and essentials for people in need.

Total Impact

Across these campaigns, we raised a total of over $16,500, a testament to our team’s commitment and generosity. But beyond the numbers, the impact these campaigns have had on our team’s culture is immeasurable. Through active participation, we’ve not only celebrated diversity but have also solidified our commitment to a workplace that cares deeply about the well-being of every team member and our communities.

As we look to the year ahead, our focus remains steadfast on building upon these foundations. We’re continuing to support these critical causes and further developing our work with them, from expanding our mental health campaign to have a year-round focus to increasing our donations and employee participation across the board. We look forward to exploring new ways to work with our local communities and fostering inclusivity, awareness and support within our office walls and beyond.