AI, Consumer Trust and The Sphere: Trends from CES 2024

CES 2024 was a landmark event, with 135,000+ attendees and 4,300+ exhibitors. Ogury had a standout presence this year with a dedicated space to collaborate and learn from our industry peers while discussing the most important topics of the year. Executive and sales leadership team members were on the ground, and our new brand was at the forefront of the experience. 

This year, the spotlight included Artificial Intelligence (AI), consumer trust and industry collaboration – all crucial elements in the evolving landscape of adtech. Here are some of the most discussed topics our Ogury team on the ground encountered at this year’s conference.


The AI Revolution in Adtech

With AI and machine learning integration appearing in everything from smart home devices to personal assistants, it’s no surprise that it’s entered the realm of digital advertising. In an increasingly AI-focused era, consumer privacy must still be top of mind. Consumers want relevant ads – but not at the expense of their privacy. 

Anthony Flaccavento, GM of Americas, said: “Today’s consumers are keenly aware of how these current and upcoming smart devices use their personal data. They won’t be dazzled simply because of AI innovations – and insightful advertisers will be sure to focus on their brands commitment to privacy protections.”

CES 2024 championed a future where AI helps brands create seamlessly integrated ads that enhance consumers’ daily lives and forge meaningful connections. In a world without cookies, marketers are turning to the incredible potential of AI, allowing them to create bespoke customer experiences while adhering to consumer privacy expectations. With AI algorithms to tailor content based on user behavior and preferences, detect and prevent ad fraud and generate engaging creative, it could revolutionize the creation of digital and programmatic advertisements. 

Consumer Trust at the Core

With conference sessions such as “What Are the Odds? Fighting Consumer Security in Today’s Digital Age” and “The U.S. Privacy Landscape – Consumers Deserve Better Than a Patchwork of Confusion,” it’s no surprise that consumer trust was a core topic this year. In an era where audience engagement is paramount, establishing and maintaining trust is not just ethical; it’s essential for success. 

Discussions at CES emphasized that advertising must transcend traditional methods and become a genuine consumer experience. As the focus increases on enriching consumer interaction, this involves creating campaigns that are not only engaging but respectful of individuals’ privacy and preferences. 

The key takeaway? Surprise and delight your audience, but do so with respect to their privacy. Advertisers’ challenge is using consumer data to create these personalized experiences while ensuring transparency and data control. The shift towards AI-driven creations highlights the industry’s focus on delivering relevant content in a natural and unobtrusive way. In 2024, building consumer trust is not just about fulfilling a compliance requirement but folding it into advertising strategies as a core component. 

Collaborative Efforts Shape the Future 

Industry collaboration has never been more vital, and this was felt in the atmosphere at CES. Publishers and brands are coming together to set the tone for 2024, with a clear focus on understanding market health and consumer expectations. This collaborative spirit extends beyond CES and networking to building deep, strategic relationships that shape how the industry will interact throughout the year. The event had plenty of opportunities for aligning goals and sharing insights while enjoying the social atmosphere. 

As privacy pioneers, the topic of post-cookie solutions was paramount to us, aligning with our ethos of championing consumer data privacy through our Personified Advertising. The discussions around post-cookie solutions, like “doughnuts” (named for its centerless structure and functioning as a mechanism for consumers to control data permissions given to brands), highlight a collective effort to find innovative, privacy-conscious ways to reach audiences. Ogurys Chief Supply Officer, Ben Lanfry, felt that “This year’s CES has been a beacon of collaborative effort. The Ogury team came together with our clients to discuss future-proofed strategies that drive results but are still respectful towards consumer privacy.” 

Super Bowl Buzz

At CES, the Super Bowl isn’t just a game; it’s a focal point of forward-thinking advertising. Brands, many congregating at Brand Innovators, eagerly discussed their plans for this mega event, recognizing the potential for impactful advertising. Long a tentpole event for advertising opportunities, with millions watching from home, Super Bowl ads are more than commercials; they are statements of a brand’s creative and technical prowess. 

With its high reach and incredible consumer engagement, brands are pioneering new digital-focused approaches for reaching audiences outside traditional TV spots. The Super Bowl will be especially significant this year, with the event in Las Vegas adding an extra layer of excitement. Brands are eager to capitalize on this unique backdrop and integrate the city’s dynamic atmosphere into their advertising narratives. 

Photo by Lukas Souza on Unsplash

The Las Vegas Sphere: A New Hotspot 

The Sphere, the globe-shaped arena located just off the Strip and easily spotted from the event, emerged as a new epicenter for client meet-ups. With visual entertainment within the venue, the main draw for attendees was the exterior screen, with its opportunity for 360-degree advertising. Its draw during CES is a testament to the importance of immersive, experiential marketing in today’s landscape and a run-up to one of the arena’s most significant events since its public unveiling in September: the Super Bowl, with advertising priced at $1 million for a Super Bowl week takeover. 

CES 2024 delivered on its promise to set advertisers up with key intel for the coming year. This year, the focus was on AI, consumer trust and immersive experiences. For Ogury, it was an invaluable experience thanks to our brand presence, and the meaningful interactions we had will set us up for a successful 2024. As we move forward into the year, the challenge will be to effectively utilize these trends to create impactful, data-driven advertising solutions while maintaining privacy and respecting consumer choices.